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Mango Mela News

Mango mela program

Date : 29 April 2023 12:57 PM Views : 1151

VBK News - తెలంగాణ / హైదరాబాద్ : It’s to inform you all today a separate meeting was conducted by AHS and discussed on the *Mango* *Mela Exhibition* in the month of( 20 th 25 th ) *May’2023 at Exhibition Grounds Nampally .*Hyderabad. Today we have met with Raghunandan Rao IAS , APC , Commissioner of Agriculture ( Ex Officio President of AHS ) and represented regarding the Mango Mela . In this connection we have discussed the details of Organising Mango Mela in coordination with Departmentof Agriculture / Horticulture/ Exhibition Society & others . We are inviting to attend **Spl EC / Core Members ***meeting* *tomorrow* ie on dated *26-4-2023* at *11.00 am *@ AHS HYDERABAD, Public Gardens Nampally to meet the Concerned line Department officials/ Ministries like Agriculture/ Finance and to explore the possibility modalities etc and plan for formation of sub committees to work for the success of the Mango Mela.

We the #AgriHorticulturalSociety Hyderabad body members along with #Exhibition Society Vice President Ashwini Margam have met With T Harish Rao Minister for Finance and Health & President of Exhibition Society today on dated 29-4-2023 and represented the #AllIndiaMangoMela2023 to be organised in the month of May 20-25 th’2023@ #ExhibitionsSociety, #Nampally, #Hyderabad.



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