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Vasavi Matha Jayanthi

Worldwide Vasavi Matha pooja

Date : 30 April 2023 07:34 AM Views : 226

VBK News - కమ్యూనిటీ / హైదరాబాద్ : Great to see many *Global* *NRI* *Vibhags* celebrating *Vasavi* *Jayanthi* in *Tanzania* ( Africa), *Abudhabi* ( Asia), *Kuwait* ( Middle East Region), **Australia* ( Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide** Vibhags* )& *USA* in different continents across the Globe. It's *new* *world* *record* to *celebrate* *Vasavi* *Jayanthi* in 4 *different* *continents*( *Asia* , *Africa* , *Australia* , *USA* ) across the Globe same time with *WAM* *Global* *NRI* *Vibhag* in Arya Vysya community/WAM History Long live WAM *Global* *NRI* *Vibhag* Unity. Hearty congratulations to all Global NRI Vibhag Presidents and teams for their efforts to make it happen. As discussed all balance NRI Vibhags Presidents & leaders across the Globe please plan and do regular activities in your countries. This process of regular interactions among WAM Global NRI Vibhag community will build strong Global Unity & Understanding among members

Jai Vasavi, Vasavi Matha



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