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VBK News - కెరీర్ / రంగారెడ్డి : INTERNSHIP AT ENOOK MOTORS ELECTRICAL VEHICLES: I am working as an intern at Enook Motors ,this great oppurtunity was given by our University (RGUKT) to explore at different fields .Our internship at Enook Motors is making us learn and explore more about Electric Scooters.It consists parts like; Geo tracker,controllers,motors,modes of speed settings like mode1,mode2,mode3,batteries,starters,sensors etc.., WHY TO CHOOSE EV(Electric Vehicle)? It is environmental friendly and efficient source for the transportation source in and around the world fou our needs.It provides many advantages and in contraverse there are some disadvantages too.. We need to charge this vehicle for 3 to 4 hours and works efficiently for the 3 to 4 hours, and then we need to charge this or else we can carry an extra battery it can be external or internal depends on power of the battery,it can hold upto 2000 cycles. It consists of the USB cable charger it can be used at any emergency case .We can track the location of vehicle if the motor is in start position or else we can see the location when it is off .It works with the sensors when we touch it ,it makes the sound so that we can get alert by this. Finally I want to share my personal experience with Enook Electric Scooters ,twe have a test drive with Enook Scooter the operation of this is very smooth.It was an extrodinary feeling with ENOOK.



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