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Enook Motors with new technology in the world

Date : 17 May 2023 01:59 PM Views : 872

VBK News - కెరీర్ / రంగారెడ్డి : ELECTRIC VEHICLES I am working as an intern in Enook Motors. I really liked the environment over here. The director sir giving us a great opportunity to explore ourselves in different fields .The staff over here are friendly and explaining us about the electric scooters . Our intrenship started from 16-05-2023 . First day we learned about the electric scooter. In the Electric Scooter we use LiFePo4 battery which is 69.35V,30 amps. We have to charge this battery for 3-4 hours and it will work for 3-4 hours. It will run upto 2000 cycles ,after that we have to change the battery. This battery is more secure than the other batteries like lithium ion battery. In this electric scooters GPS tracker is also inserted. We have to install an app Geo tracker and can find the vehicle location easily. We have to insert a SIM in the GPS tracker and recharge it once in a month like our phone. The Electric Vehicle has a charging port to charge our mobiles. The Electric scooter has 3 speed modes. In mode-1 the scooter runs slowly. In mode-2 it runs with medium speed and in mode-3 it runs with high speed. It has 2 brakes. One is Disc break and other is Drum brake. The Enook Motors have invented advanced technology in scooters like in cars. They have inserted sensors in the scooter ,if anyone touches the scooter it makes a sound so that the owner can get alerted. We can automatically open the lock like in cars. We have test rided the Enook Electric Scooter, we had a very good experience. The ride was very smooth with ENOOK SCOOTER.



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